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The best PC-Gaming in Brooklyn NY | Fair prices | Quality accessories

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Electronics R-US® provides offers and discounts

Subscribe with us and you will get great offers and discounts on your gaming desktop computers, we build the best PCs in Brooklyn at fair prices, we offer financing plans as well as high-performance and quality accessories


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Sophia  W.- Digital marketing

I bought a gaming computer for my graphic design work on the recommendation of the Technician, the purchase was correct, I have been 2 years old and my computer is still as powerful as when I bought it, I can work with 4 very strong applications and the computer responds to me as I expected ! very fast !

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Matteo -Video editing manager

I bought a Core I7 32 GB ram gaming computer for my video studio, it's fantastic, I work fully 365 days a year with video editing systems and what do you think? The electronic store technician told me that he would never have problems editing the videos, my computer doesn't freeze, let alone stop working quickly.

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Liam T-  Mechanical student

I bought a gaming computer at Electronisc R-US for my games and university, I have installed high-volume and very heavy systems for the computer, the advisor advised me to talk to the technician to review my requirements. Install a system for electronic cars works wonders ¡ the technician knows what he sells !

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