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Technical service

Professional-electronic device repair service

John V


You have problems with your electronic devices call me I will help you as soon as possible

Products & Services

  • Are you looking for a technical repair service? 🔎
    ✴️ iPhone: We repair iPhone all models | Changing screens in 20 minutes ✴️ iPad: iPad Repairs | Loading port | Change of digitizer and touch screen | others give us more ✴️ Cell phones: Changing screens in 20 minutes | water damage settlement | Damage from strong impacts ✴️ Laptop & Desktop Computer: We repair all brands of computers | Macbook Air Pro | HP-Asus-Dell-Toshiba other brands more | Professionals with more than 20 years of experience in computer repairs ✴️ Tablet: Tablet repair in all makes and models | Changes of screens, batteries and charging ports ✴️ PlayStation-Xbox: Problems with your game consoles bring them we will repair any type of damage you have
  • Do you want to promote your company with a website? 💲
    🏭 Web Page Desing: We develop web pages so that your business can take off on the internet, we can make your company have a large amount of customer traffic as well as very lucrative monetary gains | Create your virtual office to avoid paying excessive amounts of money for rent | We work with SEO platforms and programming so that your company is positioned at the top of other companies | Call us you are near me Visit our website for more information
  • Would you like to build your gaming PC with Electronics R-US? 🖥️
    🖥️ PC-Builders: We build the best and most powerful gaming computers | We easily adapt to what you want to build for your powerful games or for jobs with high memory consumption | We work with accessories from renowned PC gaming brands | Just right, great performance and over 10 years of experience building gaming PCs | simply the best in the field of gaming computers | Visit our site and quote the computer adapted to your needs
  • What product are you looking for? 🔎
    ✴️ Home_Appliance: Find your product and finance it ✴️️ Cables: We have a wide variety of cables and adapters at fair prices ✴️ Scotter & Bikes: Baratas ¡Exelentes planes de financiamiento! ✴️ Speaker: For all types of event and use, powerful, economical, good brands ✴️ Televisions: Televisions in various sizes, powerful programming technology, we can finance ✴️ Game Console: PlayStation 4-5 | Xbox | Games | competitive and fair prices ✴️ iPhone & Cell-phone: We are waiting for you we have several models of cell phones and iPhone incredible prices ✴️ Air conditioner & Fan: Do not suffer from intense heat or cold, get to know our products. ✴️ Accesories: Wide variety of accessories for your electronic devices view our website ✴️ Microwave: Powerful microwaves to heat your meals, financing ✴️ Computer Mac-Windows: We have advisors for the purchase of your gaming laptop or PC ✴️ DJ Equipment: The best mixers and accessories for the best DJs in Brooklyn ✴️ iPad & Tablet: The best prices in the Brooklyn and Manhattan area direct to you and near me
  • Additional monthly payment after creating my website?
    You do not pay anything additional. When you make the design contract for your website with electronics R'us© you make a single payment, the page is completely yours, you will not have to pay anything at all when you finish the project.
  • Does where I live matter to develop my efficient website?
    It doesn't matter where or country you live! Our professional experts can assist you anywhere in the world, through face-to-face meetings on web cam through the Zoom platform, we can accommodate your work schedules for the design of the Website
  • What would be the value of an efficient Website?
    Our Marketing and digital design company handles fair prices, from the modest sum of $500.00 depending on the needs of your business or company, the values could change
  • How long does it take to create a website?
    A simple web page takes an average of a month and a half, a complete page 2 months, an ecommerce page will take according to the needs of each client and the complexity involved in the programming.


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